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J.6 Numeric_Error

Static Semantics

The following declaration exists in the declaration of package Standard: 
Numeric_Error : exception renames Constraint_Error;
Discussion: This is true even though it is not shown in A.1
Reason: In Ada 83, it was unclear which situations should raise Numeric_Error, and which should raise Constraint_Error. The permissions of RM83-11.6 could often be used to allow the implementation to raise Constraint_Error in a situation where one would normally expect Numeric_Error. To avoid this confusion, all situations that raise Numeric_Error in Ada 83 are changed to raise Constraint_Error in Ada 95. Numeric_Error is changed to be a renaming of Constraint_Error to avoid most of the upward compatibilities associated with this change.
In new code, Constraint_Error should be used instead of Numeric_Error. 

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